terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2015

Fancy Tuesday / Bilingual post/ From Brazil to Washington

Hello my friends from all around the world!!! Today my post will be in English just because today it's a special day!!!
Unfortunately I will be a little brief today because I'm without access to internet at home, and I'm using my cellphone to write this during my class break! Haha

So, as you may saw my last post ,I decided to start a campaign about Modesty!After reading some church talks and also living some personal experiences related to modest ,I felt inspired to create a campaign on my blog. I love fashion just like any other girl, but I also want to send the right message about myself and about who I'm representing!
Through this campaign I want to show the world that we, as members of the church, can dress modestly and also be attractive and beautiful! I want to prove that it is possible to be fashionable without dressing inappropriate.
And today I want to introduce to you a big friend of mine that joined me in this campaign!

Let me introduce you to this BEAUTIFUL lady, Sierra Burton! She is from Washington state and I had the opportunity to meet her while living there! She's a great example of dressing modestly and being beautiful at the same time!

Today she is the model for our modest campaign and she also has a awesome blog that is always sharing lifting messages!
If you want to know more about her go check her blog
Hey don't forget to send me a picture of yourself using a modest outfit!!
I will be posting it every Tuesday of the week! 

'Share light,Choose Modest!"

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