sábado, 19 de março de 2011

Música Tema da Mutual 2011/Letra

Letra em Inglês

We Believe

Does the journey seem long...
We can still be strong…
We can make it
We can find what’s good
When truth’s understood
(We believe)

We believe the promises the lord
Makes are true
We believe He’ll deliver us from
all we go through
We believe and we seek everything
Lovely and pure
We believe and we hope,and we will

All about has come to and end..
Cause God is speaking again
He love us,He sent us here
The truth is so clear

We believe in Prophet’s sound to
The earth
We believe the thrilling of wolrd
In this life
We believe that His power’s been
Given to mend…
We believe and we know His gospel

And most of all we know that
Scriptures are true
The son of God come down to rescue
Me and you..
Believing in the start …
To feeling His love in our hearts

(We believe)
We believe in change and new life
Through His name
We believe in following him all
Our days
We believe and have faith that He
Will change us within
We believe and we know
And we seek Him…

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